Can dental implants really improve your quality of life? Missing or mal-formed teeth can be an impairment both psychologically and functionally. Those who are blessed with a full set of healthy teeth may take for granted the simple things in life: eating an apple, speaking clearly, smiling confidently for a photograph.

Whether the loss of a tooth is caused by trauma, poor hygiene, or congenital defect, a mouth with one or more missing teeth can make eating difficult, even painful. With the lack of a tooth or several teeth, eating becomes difficult and the absorption of nutrients from poorly masticated food is compromised. This can lead to medical problems. Dr. Hjorth uses the Straumann implant to allow his patients to replace missing teeth. A smile with missing teeth is unattractive, insecure, and self-conscious. It can inhibit new relationships and opportunities.

Straumann USA, LLC, located in Andover, MA, is the US subsidiary of Straumann Holding, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. As the second largest dental implant company in the world, the Straumann Group of companies has an active presence in more than 50 countries. Straumann implants respects key biological principles, facilitates predictable esthetic results and offers straightforward handling in the placement of its implants.