In Case of an Emergency please call (978) 531-3010 and we will be happy to see you as soon as possible. If there is a delay, these are the most common problems – and how you should treat them until we see you.


Loose temporary crown

If you have a loose temporary crown it is important to place it back on the tooth. Then call us so that we can cement it back on securely. You can use a little denture adhesive like Fixodent to make it stay. If you cannot put it back on the tooth call our office and we will be happy to put it back on for you. If you leave the temporary crown out for too long the permanent crown may not fit because of tooth movement.

Broken denture

If a full denture or partial denture is broken most likely it will need a repair done by a local dental laboratory. Please call our office and bring in all the broken pieces for they are all helpful in repairing your denture.

A tooth on the denture came off

Please save the tooth and call our office so that we can make arrangements for a local dental laboratory to put it back on your denture.

Chipped tooth

If you have chipped a front or a back tooth and you are not in pain you can wait until regular office hours and call us to have it taken care of. If you have pain associated with the broken tooth it could mean that you have a cavity, an abscess or an inflammed pulp (the nerve inside the tooth). This needs to be taken care of because the body cannot repair it by itself. Please call us at 978-531-3010 and we will do our best to take care of you.

Pain to hot or cold

Any pain to hot or cold could mean that the pulp (the nerve inside the tooth) is inflamed and that there is a more serious problem. Call our office and we will diagnose your problem and treat it.

If a front tooth has been knocked out

Please read the following information on our Athletic Emergencies page and call our office .Time is of the essence in these cases. The avulsed tooth needs to be re-implanted with in 30 to 45 min of the accident for it to have any chance of reattaching to the bone.

Pain when biting down

This could mean that you have a tooth with a fracture or a cavity. Please call our office and we will take a radiograph and help you diagnose the problem.